HMR 750 Tension Rod System

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With the development of the HMR 750 Tension Rod System, the Haslinger Group sets yet another milestone in its 60-year history. An almost completely automated production process guarantees our customers high process reliability and quick turnarounds.Furthermore, the HMR 750 Tension Rod System combines a number of technological innovations within the field of corrosion protection, load capacities and material traceability. See for yourself what our new product can do for you!

The HMR 750 tension rod system offers modern architecture, an innovative and elegant design,
improved corrosion protection, higher capacity loads and improved safety during installation.

Mechanical Properties

Capacity Loads

HMR tension rods are available in nominal thread sizes M12 
to M100. Tie bars are generally supplied in our 750 grade
material, which is characterised by its high load capacities. In
addition, metric threads are cold rolled directly on to the bar
offering a more economical solution to structural designs.

Bars are available up to 12 m in a single length. Longer
lengths can be achieved by using coupler or turnbuckle joints.
All system components are designed to take the full capacity
of the tension rod.

Length Adjustments

The pin to pin length is the distance between the centre
of each pin. Once installed the tendons can be adjusted 
by rotating the rod.

Further adjustment can be achieved by using a turnbuckle.

Corrosion Protection

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