HMR Compression Strut System

In addition to our innovative product range, HMR have introduced an architectural compression strut system which can be perfectly integrated into any structural application.

Compression struts consist of standard fork connectors plus a central hollow section with a welded tapered cone at each end.

Standard fork heads are combined with a round tube for the compressor bar system. The transition consists of a cone that is welded to a round tube.

Threaded studs are used to connect the forks with the tapered hollow section. The system is designed to enable transmission of both tensile and compressive forces.

The connection of the cone to the fork head is with an appropriate threaded bolt. The compression rods are designed so that tensile or compression forces can be absorbed.

CHS sizes and Capacities

Notes: Compressive load is calculated according to EN 1993. In all cases a structural calculation should be carried out by the contractor.

Length adjustments

The pin to pin length is the distance between the centres of the pins. The exact length can be set by turning both left and right-hand threads of the fork end connectors.

Corrosion Protection

HMR Compression struts can be supplied in the following surface finishes:

  • Self-colour*
  • Galvanised
  • Powder coated
  • Painted
  • Duplex coated

*Fork, pin and threaded stud are supplied in a galvanised coating.